A downloadable game for Windows

This game is inspired from Sad Satan but it is very different. This is the first version of the game and has a fixed aspect ratio in windowed mode. The interested player can install the game and run it on windows (for the current release). This game would be interesting for those who enjoy creepy and haunted types of games.

Here you need to wonder around, find the bloody wall and get to the working monitor to end it. Try not to get scared!

Developed by: Ben (MSB), Hong Kong

Twitter: @maxis112


SadSatanII.exe 53 MB

Install instructions

Download the EXE installer. Install the file (simply next, next,...), run the game and enjoy.

When you are in the game, move around with: W,  S, A, D keys, hold shift and W,  S,  A, D to move faster. You can also use your mouse to navigate when walking with W,  S, A, D keys. 

See the map in the screenshots, red (you are here), yellow (the final objective).


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Does this have viruses

No, it's safe.